Sunrise Farms Non GMO Poultry for protein

What’s The Better Protein Source: Chicken or Turkey?

In this article, we compare two popular protein sources, chicken and turkey, and explore how much protein your body needs to survive and thrive.

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Whole Foods vs. Slow Foods | Steps To Live A Healthier Lifestyle

This quick guide explains the similarities and differences between slow and whole foods and suggests practical tips for incorporating them into your daily life.

group of chicks eating chick starter feed at trough.

What To Know About Micronutrients & Animal Feed

In this month’s blog, learn more about micronutrients and their role in keeping farm animals healthy.

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How To Save Money on Groceries When Prices Are High

Looking for ways to save money on groceries? We get it. Prices are high and unlikely to go down. Check out our comprehensive guide to save money!


What’s The Deal With Preservatives & Additives In Food?

If you’re like us, you’ve probably picked up a box of cereal or a loaf of bread and read the ingredients listed on the back of the packaging only to find several words you couldn’t pronounce.

Gift Cards

We’re pleased to announce we have Sunrise Farms gift cards in stock and available to give to your special someone.

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Why Grain Testing Is Important For High-Quality Feed.

Feed is only as good as the quality of the grains that go into it. That’s why we test our primary grains before we mill them at our onsite facility. Using testing strips, we’re able to determine the presence of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in the grains that enter our mill.

all natural, pastured eggs

Are Eggs Good For You?

Eggs: some are better than others! Read the latest on their health benefits.

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How To Choose The Best Animal Feed.

Keeping up with changes in the animal feed market can be challenging.

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How To Purchase A Whole Animal From Your Local Meat Market.

Shopping at a local meat market gives you more control over the quality and price of meat that you’re serving your family or customers.


3 Reasons To Purchase Shenandoah Valley Grass Fed Beef & Other Whole Animals.

Are you looking for local meat at affordable rates? Consider purchasing Shenandoah Valley grass fed beef, all-natural hog, and non-GMO lamb from our local family farm.

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We’re So Proud To Sell Non-GMO Verified Feed!

We are proud to announce that the Non-GMO Project has awarded our feed the Non-GMO verified badge.

Our 3 Tips For The Perfect Thanksgiving Meal.

Hosting a Thanksgiving meal for friends and family is a selfless act that doesn’t have to be stressful.

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Spice Up Family Dinners With Lamb!

Cooking with lamb is a great way to change up the dinner menu. Lamb is red meat with a nutritional composition similar to beef, except it contains higher levels of potassium, Omega 3s and Omega 6s.

all-natural bacon

Does Bacon Make Everything Better?

There’s both science and culture behind why we love the smell and taste of all-natural bacon.

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5 Reasons To Always Have Raw Honey In Your Pantry.

Raw honey is one of nature’s most interesting and diverse products. Whether you’re adding it to tea or using it to help manage seasonal allergies, raw honey is packed with nutrients, antioxidants and more. Here are our top five reasons for keeping it stocked in your pantry.

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How To Choose The Best Chicken Feed.

The chicken feed that you choose plays a significant role in promoting healthy growth for your flock and improving the nutritional content of their eggs.

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Our Favorite Chicken Recipes For Fresh, NEVER FROZEN, Chicken!

Is your dinner menu getting boring? We’ve got you covered with easy chicken recipes designed to impress.

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5 Tips For Making Healthy Foods Appeal To Kids.

Are you finding it challenging to integrate healthy foods into your child’s diet? We get it.

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How Important Is A Good Chick Starter Feed?

Chick starter feed is a unique formula designed for the first 2-3 weeks of life. It is typically higher in protein and more finely ground than other types of poultry feed.

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3 Reasons To Shop Your Local Shenandoah Valley Meat Market.

There are so many reasons to support local businesses and shopping for meat is no different. A local meat market, like our storefront, provides multiple benefits to families from Harrisonburg to Charlottesville.

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Why The Sunrise Difference Promotes Healthy Living.

The new year is a great time to reset and pursue everyday practices that promote healthy living.

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All-Natural Meat For Your Easter Celebration

Celebrate Christmas with all-natural meat from our family farm.

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Christmas Dinner Ideas Your Family Will Love.

Christmas dinner will likely look different this year. For many families, 2020 has been a balancing act of prioritizing safety and health while maintaining meaningful relationships.

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Make This A Thanksgiving Dinner To Remember.

We savor a traditional Thanksgiving dinner at Sunrise Farms. There’s something to be said about tradition.

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Feed-Lots Versus Local Meat Farms: What’s The Difference?

The local food movement is popular, and local meat farms like ours embrace the enthusiasm people show over knowing where their food comes from.

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How To Choose Cattle & Goat Feed.

You are what you eat, and that’s true for livestock as much as it is for people. High-quality cattle and goat feed can play a critical role in promoting healthy lactation when used as a supplement to top-notch pastures.

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Shopping Local? Start At Your Feed Store.

Shopping local is a great way to give back to the people and places in your community.

Cows Eating All Natural Animal Feed

Where The Science Stands On Antibiotics In Meat.

The presence of antibiotics in meat has become a hot-button topic for scientists, environmentalists and the agricultural industry.

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Why Fresh Chicken Is Better.

Most people think they’ve eaten fresh chicken, but they haven’t. Chicken can be labeled as fresh if it has never been stored below 26 degrees Fahrenheit.

non-gmo mill and solar panels

Harnessing Solar Power For Our Non-GMO Mill.

Non-GMO farming isn’t just a job; it’s a way of life. At Sunrise Farms, we believe that hard work and clean living enrich our lives and make them more meaningful.

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Chicken Feed 101

Our chicken feed guide is your resource for getting started!

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Celebrate The Season With Local Lamb.

It is traditional to serve lamb in the spring for both religious and practical reasons. Lamb plays a critical role in the Book of Exodus from the Old Testament.

all-natural eggs

How To Choose The Best Chicken Starter Feed.

Do you have chicks coming soon? Are you debating over the best chicken starter feed?

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Raw Honey: A Valentine’s Gift Your Loved One Will Savor!

Are you looking for the perfect gift to communicate your love and affection? Raw honey is a thoughtful, useful and delicious gift your loved one will savor.

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Is A Healthy Diet Your New Year’s Resolution?

Are you looking for a healthy diet that works, but isn’t too restrictive? Diet plans like Atkins, Weight Watchers (now WW) and Whole30 are just a few of the popular diets that offer impressive results, but with lots of restrictions.

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2 Reasons You Should Choose Our Ham For Your Christmas Table.

This year we recommend a traditional nitrate free ham to celebrate Christmas in Virginia.

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Your Guide To Preparing A Classic Thanksgiving Dinner.

Are you ready to make a Thanksgiving dinner that will serve your guests with distinction? Our Thanksgiving recipes and schedule will help you host a seamless holiday for friends and family.

sunrise farms soy-free feed

Why Non-GMO Feed & Meat Matters To Us.

Farming is in the blood at Sunrise Farms. Growing up in Virginia’s strong agricultural community, Maynard Miller founded Sunrise Farms to offer Non-GMO feed and meat up and down the East Coast.

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Quality Pig Feed Starts With Non-GMO Ingredients.

The statement, “you are what you eat”, is pertinent to all animals. From pig feed to your Sunday lunch, choosing quality products can make all the difference in promoting good health and a better quality of life.

cut comb honey

Raw Honey: 4 Reasons You Should Add It To Your Diet.

Raw honey has been used for centuries to treat infections, gastrointestinal complaints, and colds.

all natural, pastured eggs

What’s The Buzz About Cage Free Eggs?

Egg terminology has evolved in the past 25 years with designations like “cage free eggs” and “pastured eggs” notating carton upon carton of options in the grocery store.

sunrise farms chick starter feed

Why Non-GMO Chicken Feed Is A Better Option For Your Animals.

Warmer weather means new chickens for many area farmers. We offer Non-GMO chicken feed for chicks just starting out, layer hens, and broilers.

Berkshire pork piglets nuzzling each other

Why Choosing Uncured Bacon Is Healthier For Your Family.

Uncured bacon is pork belly that has been preserved without the added chemicals of nitrates and nitrites. Nitrates and nitrites are used in pork preservation to add color and extend their shelf life.

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Chicken Recipes Your Valentine Will Love.

Instead of going out this year for Valentines Day, choose one of our chicken recipes to show your family just how much you love them.

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Wholesale Meat Suppliers Offer Superior Products & Competitive Pricing.

Are you looking for wholesale meat suppliers to provide top notch products at competitive rates? Sunrise Farms is pleased to offer regular delivery to Richmond, D.C., Charlottesville and the surrounding areas at cost competitive rates.

all-natural pork

Non-GMO Swine Feed For Healthy Pigs!

Taking care of your animals is a farmer’s biggest responsibility. At Sunrise Farms, we think choosing Non-GMO swine feed is an easy choice to make to improve the health and quality of life of your livestock.

local honey

Local Honey Sweetens Every Bake.

Nothing is sweeter than honey and its diversity of uses makes it a truly unique ingredient. From face masks to the ideal sweetener for your cup of tea, honey is an all-natural product that never goes bad and can be used for so many things.

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Organic Or Non-GMO Feed? Which Should I Choose?

There is a lot of information to consider when choosing between organic or non-GMO feed for your family farm.

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Start With The Best Ingredients With Wholesale Meat Delivery From Sunrise Farms

Our wholesale meat delivery service distributes meat, eggs, and honey to restaurants in Virginia, Washington D.C., and Maryland.

sunrise farms soy-free feed

Feed Fully Explained: Soy-Free Feed Versus Regular Feed.

At Sunrise Farms, we’re committed to providing our clients wholesome feed to promote healthy growth in their animals. Soy-free feed is an option we offer to consumers concerned about the levels of soy in the products they consume.

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Organic Versus All-Natural Meat: What’s The Difference?

With all the options on the market, it can be confusing and overwhelming choosing between organic and all-natural meat? What’s the difference?

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We Supply Non-GMO Feed To Farmers And Feed Dealers!

At Sunrise Farms, we believe Non-GMO feed is an excellent source of nutrition for your animals.

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Farm Fresh Eggs Complement A Healthy Lifestyle.

Breakfast should be a mix of protein and fiber from whole, natural foods. This gets you on track to start your day in a healthy and productive manner and gives you the energy to get things done!

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Local Free-Range Chicken Is A More Nutritious Option.

If you’ve read a magazine or newspaper lately, you’ve probably heard people exulting the values of local free-range chicken without mentioning any of the science to back up their claims.

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Celebrate Easter With All-Natural Lamb

Lamb has been a staple at Easter tables for hundreds of years. Cooked on a spit, roasted in the oven, or even grilled, lamb is an important element of Easter celebrations in almost every culture.

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Get Bone Marrow At Sunrise Farms To Live Healthy

It’s the new year and if you’re like most of us you’ve made a resolution to get in shape and eat healthy foods. There are so many elements to maintaining a healthy diet and fads like the Paleo Diet, Whole 30, and the South Beach Diet make it even harder to choose the option that works best for you.

Cows Eating All Natural Animal Feed

A Ground Beef Primer From Sunrise.

You’ve probably heard the passionate arguments in favor of grass fed beef. Grass fed beef is a term used to describe a cow’s diet of grass only. It may have less fat, and more antioxidants and vitamins than your standard, grain fed ground beef.

Chunk Honey For Your Health

Honey For Your Health.

Paintings from the Stone Age depict humans using honey to treat a variety of ailments. Modern scientific studies have shown honey to be an effective element in healing wounds, minimizing inflammation and gastrointestinal distress.

free-range roast turkey on a table

Treat Your Family To A Fresh Turkey!

Our turkeys have been running around all season, eating grubs and non-GMO feed to fatten up for your Thanksgiving table. These delicious birds are more nutritious than your average supermarket bird because of the diversity of their diet.

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Ground Beef Sale – $4.99/lb

All-Natural Grass-fed Ground Beef – Now On Sale ($4.99/lb) At Sunrise Farms Storefront in Stuart’s Draft. Come get yours while it lasts!

all-natural pork

Whole All-Natural Hog

The hogs at Sunrise Farms, a Berkshire cross, are fed natural feeds without added growth hormones or antibiotics. They are not confined, have access to the outdoors, are well-bedded, and free to move about our farm.

Berkshire pork piglets nuzzling each other

Hogs Are Healthiest Outside!

At Sunrise Farms, we raise our Berkshire pork Cross swine the old fashioned way. With plenty of land to roam and giant, long lasting mud holes in which to play, our hogs are happy and healthy.

Cows Eating All Natural Animal Feed

Sunrise Farms Mills Non-GMO, All Natural Feed For Farms Throughout The Continental U.S.

Feeding your animals a complex diet provides all the nutritional requirements necessary to grow healthier animals. At Sunrise Farms, we believe clean, great smelling grains from reputable farms is the first step to providing the sustenance necessary for animals to thrive.

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Sunrise Farms Has Fresh Free Range Chicken.

At Sunrise Farms, we believe strongly in the health benefits of allowing our chickens to roam freely and forage for their food. It’s healthy for the animal, our family and our customers!

lamb chops sizzled in garlic

Whole All-Natural Lamb

Sunrise Farms is pleased to offer naturally-raised Dorper hair sheep, known for their mild-flavored meat without the stronger mutton taste commonly associated with wool sheep.


Whole All-Natural Beef

In addition to selling our beef in our store, we take orders for whole beef. We attempt to sell an entire beef. If you are purchasing a half or quarter of beef, you should find others to take the other half or quarter, or we may ask you to wait until we have sufficient orders to process the rest of the beef.