Grass Fed Beef Vs. Grass Finished Beef- What’s The Difference?

You’ve probably heard the passionate arguments in favor of grass fed beef. Grass fed beef is a term used to describe a cow’s diet of grass only. It may have less fat, and more antioxidants and vitamins than your standard, grain fed ground beef. Studies; however, are lacking in determining the long term health benefits of a diet composed of grass fed beef. There are so many parameters to consider when performing these studies that the data isn’t conclusive. Grass finished beef means that after weaning from his mother, a cow might eat grain for several months, but finish his life on grass. The grain allows the cow an initial weight gain that provides for a richer, more marbled, piece of beef while the grass finish adds a complexity of flavors not present in cattle fed grain only.

Cows Eating All Natural Animal Feed

Sunrise Farms Offers Grass Finished Beef From Their Conveniently Located Farm Store.

At Sunrise Farms, our cows start on grain and move onto grass. We enjoy the complexity of flavors and our cows are happy. We offer an assortment of cuts, including: ground beef, flank steak, Delmonico, T-Bone, and skirt steak. You can purchase all-natural, economically priced meat year round from our storefront in Stuarts Draft, Virginia.

You Can Be Confident In Your Purchase Because We Respects Our Animals.

At Sunrise Farms, we respect our animals for the physical, economic, and emotional sustenance they provide. We care for them as member of our family and honor their life through proper care. Our cattle are fed non-GMO feed, roam freely and forage on the natural Virginia grass on our property. Not only are our methods more ethical, they also create a more tasty meal.

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