Enjoy Numerous Benefits When You Shop Your Local Meat Market.

There are so many reasons to support local businesses and shopping for meat is no different. A local meat market, like our storefront, provides multiple benefits to families from Harrisonburg to Charlottesville. Here are three of the most important reasons to shop your local meat market:

  • Local Meat Is Nutritious: Purchasing your beef, pork, chicken, and lamb from a local farmer allows you to learn more about how he or she raises their animals. Ask about the types of feed they provide, the composition of their pasture and use of antibiotics because all of those elements affect the meat’s nutritional value. At Sunrise Farms meat store, we raise our animals on Non-GMO feed, high-quality pasture and without the use of preventative antibiotics. You can count on all-natural meat without added chemicals when you purchase from our family farm.
  • Local Meat Tastes Better: When an animal eats higher-quality feed and grazes on a rich, diverse pasture, the taste of its meat tends to be better. Grass-finished beef is known for a deeper, earthier flavor compared with factory-farmed beef and poultry that forages for grubs and bugs, tastes richer and more moist.
  • Local Meat Is More Sustainable: The industrial farming system negatively impacts our planet’s environmental health. Meat production accounts for more greenhouse gas emissions than virtually any other source, and wholesale transportation drives-up pollution. By purchasing your meat from a local meat market, you’re supporting small-scale farmers with smaller herds which make less of an environmental impact and require less transportation. Plus, you’re showing your commitment to a local business in the community.
sunrise farms meat market

Sunrise Farms: Your Local Meat Market.

Since 2003, we’ve been providing our high-quality Non-GMO meats to customers throughout Virginia. Whether it’s a restaurant in Fredericksburg or a family in Harrisonburg, our storefront provides affordable and diverse meats, pastured eggs and local honey. Stop by your local meat market this week by visiting our storefront in Stuarts Draft, VA.

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