A Family Farm, Sunrise Farms Produces Non-GMO Feed And All-Natural Meats, Eggs, And Honey.

Since the start of Sunrise Farms in 2003, the Miller Family has intentionally contributed to the non-GMO movement within the farming community. We produce fresh non-GMO feed in our on-site mill for retail in our storefront, through dealers around Virginia, for regional feed delivery, and to be shipped in the contiguous United States. The poultry and livestock we raise at Sunrise Farms also benefits from the on-site mill and production of fresh non-GMO feed. We retail our all-natural meat, all-natural eggs, and wildflower local honey to the community as well.

Ethical Farming Practices And Non-GMO All-Natural Diets Produce Happy And Healthy Animals.

Our family raises all-natural poultry and livestock with ethical farming practices. Sunrise Farms animals are fed non-GMO feed combined with the animals’ natural eating practices, such as hogs foraging in the woods, turkeys and chickens foraging in pesticide-free pastures, and cattle grazing in pesticide-free pastures. All animals have access to the outdoors for intensive grazing and exercise. Clean shelters and manageable flock and herd sizes allow for free-range farming with integrity. We have two Great Pyrenees dogs who faithfully stand guard over our layer hens, providing all-natural protection from predators like foxes and coyotes.

We Contribute To Our Local Economy Through Business Partnerships That Promote Trust.

We source our non-GMO grains from trusted local suppliers who have demonstrated a shared commitment to our values. With the growing awareness of pesticides and herbicides, genetically modified organisms, soil erosion, and the like, we work with local partners to be sensitive to the natural balances required to successfully run a farm. Our storefront allows us to be participants in bringing local producers to market.

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