A Quality Pig Feed Is Critical To Your Hog’s Health.

The statement, “you are what you eat”, is pertinent to all animals. From pig feed to your Sunday lunch, choosing quality products can make all the difference in promoting good health and a better quality of life. We raise all our animals on Non-GMO feeds and formulate each of our recipes to fuel healthy, happy growth.

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Corn Is King In Our Pig Feed.

Corn is a critical carbohydrate for fueling activity and growth in hogs. We blend the corn with the ideal balance of protein, fat, and fiber to give hogs the best recipe for success. We regulate their diet to ensure they gain the appropriate amount of weight – not too much or too little. Since 2003, we’ve cultivated relationships with our suppliers to ensure the ingredients that go into our feed are Non-GMO and of the highest quality.

Here’s How We Raise Our Hogs Ethically.

We believe it is our responsibility to raise our animals ethically and are committed to sustainable practices that protect our land. Here’s how we raise our hogs:

  • Summer: During the hot summer months our hogs live in the woods surrounding our farm. They play in mud puddles to stay cool, rest in the shade of scrub brush and trees, and wander at will over the wooded area of the farm.
  • Winter: In colder months, we move our hogs inside to keep warm.
    Natural Farrowing System: Industrial farming systems typically crate sows and their piglets together after birth – much to the detriment of the sow. Natural farrowing systems allow mama sow to come and go without being crated with her piglet.

Our Differences Are Our Strength.

The farming principles that make us different give our business strength and stability in competitive markets. We truly believe in our stewardship to the land and in providing quality care to the animals and people we work with. Contact a member of our team to learn more and visit our farm and storefront to see our practices in action.

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