Information To Help You Choose Between Non-GMO Feed and Organic.

There is a lot of information to consider when choosing between organic or non-GMO feed for your family farm. Researching the opinions and scientific studies published by different experts in the field is a good place to start. We’ve synthesized the information to get to the primary differences between the two options. Here’s your guide to making the decision that works best for you:

Organic Feed: All ingredients were organically grown with no added ingredients and without pesticides. To be considered organic, the farm needs to satisfy FDA requirements.

  • More Expensive: Organic feed is more expensive because it is more labor intensive to grow organic products than other types of feed. It is also costly to fulfill the FDA’s requirements to become an organic farm.
  • Enhanced Biodiversity: Organic farmers implement systems to promote biodiversity because their animals forage for naturally occurring grasses and grubs.
  • No Growth Promoting Hormones: There cannot be any growth promoting hormones in organic feed. Certain studies have indicated added hormones can lead to early puberty in children who consume meat with these added hormones.

Non-GMO Feed: No genetically modified organisms are included in this feed.

  • Less expensive: With fewer government regulations at play, Non-GMO all-natural feed is typically less expensive than organic.
  • Less Regulation: The FDA doesn’t regulate this terminology so it’s important to know the farmer from whom you’re purchasing your feed. Their best practices might be legitimate, but do your research.
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Sunrise Farms Mills Non-GMO Feed Without Added Hormones Or Pesticides.

At Sunrise Farms, we’ve done our research on our community and our feed. Our clients understand the differences in cost between our wholesome Non-GMO feed and traditional feed containing GMOs, hormones, and latent pesticides. They value our process and know we choose only the best all-natural grains to make feed we give to our own animals.

Are You Ready For Non-GMO Feed From Sunrise Farms?