Give Raw Honey As A Sweet Treat For Your Special Someone.

Are you looking for the perfect gift to communicate your love and affection? Raw honey is a thoughtful, useful and delicious gift your loved one will savor. For centuries, people used raw honey for its multiple uses in cooking, skincare and medicine, making it a highly valued product. It was considered a generous gift for providing sustenance and healing benefits. Cultures and religions all over the world mark the holidays and significant occasions with gifts of honey:

Rosh Hashanah: During the Jewish New Year, it is traditional to dip apples in honey in hopes of a sweet year ahead. Honey has been given to hosts and family when visiting their home during this high holiday.

Chinese Weddings: In some parts of China, couples drink or gift bottles of honey to honor their vows.

Ancient Egyptians: Scientists have discovered honey in the pyramids where it is believed to have been left as a gift to the gods.

Christmas: Christian communities all over the world include honey in their holiday baking. In parts of Europe, honey is blended into Eucharistic wafers and cookies. Until the arrival of sugar, it was the main sweetener and considered highly valuable.

cut comb honey

Raw Honey Is A Super-Food, Moisturizer and Ointment.

It’s hard to believe that the same honey that sweetens tea or cake can also make an effective face mask or ointment for cuts and scrapes. Honey is highly acidic and low in moisture, making it difficult for organisms to survive in or around it. By keeping bacteria from growing and pulling moisture from a wound, honey provides long-term protection when healing.

Honey Is A Thoughtful, Traditional and Functional Gift.

Honey’s many uses make it a smart gift for your loved one. Visit our storefront to check out our raw honey options to get started and learn about the rich history of this natural sweetener.

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