Start Your Birds Strong With High-Quality Chicken Starter Feed.

Do you have chicks coming soon? Are you debating over the best chicken starter feed? We’ve got you covered with this comprehensive and detailed description of what to look for when researching your options:

  • Texture: Just like baby food, chicken starter feed should be ground finely for easy consumption.
  • Protein Levels: Chicks need higher protein levels in feed compared with adult birds.
  • Soy-Free: Most feed options include soy, but some are soy-free. This is a good choice for families or clients with soy sensitivities. By raising your chicks on a soy-free diet, no soy levels will transfer to eggs when they start laying them.
  • Medication: Many chick starter feeds are medicated. This helps prevent respiratory illness in your birds. The problem with medicated feeds is that they contribute to a build-up in antibiotic resistance which can require an increase in medication down the road.
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Embrace An All-Natural Approach For Raising Healthy Birds.

At Sunrise Farms, we raise our chicks on all-natural Non-GMO feed for a strong start to life. When our chicks are ready, we let them forage and roam our farm, eating grubs and grasses that contribute to a more diverse diet. The old adage “you are what you eat,” rings true for your animals as much as it does for you and your family. By integrating exercise and diversity into your animals’ diet, you’re promoting a healthy lifestyle that affects the eggs and chicken you eat later.

Visit Our Farm To See Our Chicks For Yourself.

We love having visitors to our farm! Bring your daycare, scout troop or school to our farm and see our baby chicks grow into strong and healthy adult birds. Check out our storefront for all-natural chicken, beef, pork and lamb. Pick-up a bag of chicken starter feed while you’re here and give it a try.

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