Popular Healthy Diet Programs Require A Big Commitment, Up-Front.

Are you looking for a healthy diet that works, but isn’t too restrictive? Diet plans like Atkins, Weight Watchers (now WW) and Whole30 are just a few of the popular diets that offer impressive results, but with lots of restrictions. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Atkins: restricts carbohydrates
  • Weight Watchers: Daily point system with higher points for red meat, carbs, and fats. The lower the points, the better.
  • Whole30: eliminates sugar, alcohol, grain, legumes, soy and dairy

This year, instead of adopting a fad diet that dictates an immediate change in your lifestyle, why not start small for incremental change that actually works?

chicken noodle soup in a cream colored bowl ready to eat with large noodles

Healthy Diet Resolutions By The Numbers.

According to Statista, 51% of 2020 New Year’s resolutions are to eat healthier. Yearly statistics indicate 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail by February. Why do they fail? Studies show people forgo their resolutions because they feel overwhelmed by the intense changes to their daily lives. For instance, instead of joining a gym and going two times a week, people tell themselves they have to go seven days a week. That’s a huge time commitment and can create a drastic change in lifestyle.

Make Small, Incremental Changes For A Healthy Diet That Works.

At Sunrise Farms, we believe in a realistic approach to food and exercise by making small changes over time. Here are some easy changes to implement that can make a significant impact on your life:

  • Make a healthier breakfast three days a week
  • Walk up the stairs at work instead of taking the elevator
  • Skip that afternoon soda and have an unsweetened herbal tea, instead

Once you’ve gotten used to one change, try another. Gradual changes over time create patterns and habits that last. Check out our recipes and visit our storefront for non-GMO meats, eggs, and honey to integrate into your 2020 healthy diet resolution.

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