Start Your Day Strong With Farm Fresh Eggs!

Breakfast should be a mix of protein and fiber from whole, natural foods. This gets you on track to start your day in a healthy and productive manner and gives you the energy to get things done! Low fat protein helps repair and produce cells and fiber helps keep digestive systems functioning properly. Farm fresh eggs are the perfect element for healthy breakfasts designed to fuel your body and start your day strong!

all natural, pastured eggs

Eggs Are A Perfect Element For Healthy Diets.

In the 1980’s eggs got a bad reputation for elevating levels of bad cholesterol. Egg white substitutes started hitting the market and people trimmed down their breakfasts by eliminating the good fats we now know eggs to contain. Recent studies have also indicated a nutritional difference between farm fresh eggs and commercial eggs from caged hens. This is primarily due to the diversity of diet pastured chickens eat when they forage and roam freely. Here’s where the science comes into play:

  • Vitamin E: Pastured hens produce eggs with more than twice the levels of Vitamin E as caged hens.
  • Omega 3 Fatty Acids: Pastured hens produce eggs with more than twice the level of omega 3 fatty acids.

To help clarify this research, vitamin E is pivotal in building antioxidant activity in the body which helps to minimize the chances of arthritis, cancer, and cataracts. Omega 3 fatty acids help reduce heart disease and are essential to brain function and development.

Sunrise Farms Has Farm Fresh Eggs At Our Storefront.

Our hens roam our farm and forage for the grubs and grasses that make their egg yolks a bright, vivid yellow. We feed our own families these delicious eggs for breakfast, lunches, and use them to elevate dessert to something almost healthy. Visit our storefront and pick-up a dozen. We are confident you’ll notice a difference.

Are You Ready To Pick-Up Farm Fresh Eggs From Sunrise Farms?