Celebrate The Local Food Movement With Our Wholesale Meat Delivery!

Our wholesale meat delivery service distributes meat, eggs, and honey to restaurants in Virginia, Washington D.C., and Maryland. We’ve experienced the thrill of ordering a meal with products from local farms and are excited to provide our Non-GMO all-natural products to restaurants looking to distinguish themselves. When you use meat, eggs, and honey from our family farm, you’re starting each recipe with the best possible ingredients to elevate your cuisine to the next level.

lamb chops and garlic

Here’s How It Works:

We try to make the process of ordering and scheduling delivery of our products as painless as possible. Here’s a quick guideline on how to get it done:

  • Browse Our Products: Check out what we offer and what makes us different.
  • Check Pricing: All our pricing is online and up-to-date, but check the next bullet point for even better deals.
  • Delivery: Check out our delivery schedule (with wholesale pricing) to see if it coordinates with your needs.
  • Place Your Order: Call us to place your order or send us a form online. We’ll touch base to discuss the details.

Never hesitate to call or email us with any questions or concerns. Our personable team provides quick responses to your questions so you get the answers you need.

Sunrise Farms Is A Small Local Farm Known For Big Flavors.

Enjoy local products delivered directly to your restaurant or grocery when you choose Sunrise Farms as your distributor of choice. Our meats, eggs, and honey deliver great tastes at reasonable prices and because we feed our animals only Non-GMO feed, you can be rest assured you’re providing high-quality products to your customers. Check out our recipes to get inspired on the meals that our family loves and visit our storefront and farm to learn more about how we operate.

Are You Ready For Wholesale Meat Delivery From Sunrise Farms?