Sunrise Farms Is Committed To Raising Free Range Chicken Ethically.

At Sunrise Farms, we believe strongly in the health benefits of allowing our chickens to roam freely and forage for their food. It’s healthy for the animal, our family and our customers! Free range chickens eat a more diverse diet that is richer in vitamins and minerals compared with caged and compactly kept chickens. Our farm is our calling and our flock is our responsibility. We aim to provide a quality life for our animals that emphasizes natural growth.

all natural chicken

Non-GMO Feed Keeps Us All Healthy.

We are committed to providing non-GMO feed to all the animals on our farm. We believe this keeps our animals and environment healthier than GMO alternatives. We also sell non-GMO and soy free non-GMO feed to agricultural clients up and down the East Coast. Our onsite mill gives us the power to process our own feed and formulate custom blends based on our clients needs. We pride ourselves on raising our animals the old fashioned way with plenty of land, light, and water.

We Raise And Butcher Our Animals On Our Local Family Farm.

Every free range chicken you purchase from the Sunrise Farms storefront has been raised and butchered on our farm. This control of operations allows us to maintain the integrity of our animals health so that you receive the highest quality, free range chicken. During the summer, you can purchase our fresh chicken Thursday through Tuesday directly from the farm.

Sunrise Farms Brings Faith, Family And Farming Together.

Our faith is the foundation of our commitment to Sunrise Farms. We believe in what we do and are committed to providing a high quality life to our family, customers, and animals. When you purchase your meat from Sunrise Farms, you’re purchasing quality, ethically raised, meat that keeps your family safe and healthy. Purchase your meats, honey, and eggs from Sunrise Farms and feel confident you’re feeding your family high quality products from a farm committed to both the environment and your health.

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