The Perfect Chicken Recipes For A Meal Made With Care.

Instead of going out this year for Valentines Day, choose one of our chicken recipes to show your family just how much you love them. A home cooked meal has been scientifically proven to lead to healthier food choices, build better relationships, make people happier, and even improve grades! A home-cooked meal sounds like a pretty great present, right?

roasted chicken with rosemary

Choose Your Style, Choose Your Recipe.

Everybody has different tastes in food and while catering to your family’s palette isn’t always advised, special meals are an exception. Here are our recommendations for the best meal for your special someone:

  • The Gourmand: A roast chicken is classic, elegant, and delicious. Not to mention you can roast onions, carrots, and potatoes around the bird for a full meal! Save the carcass for a nutritious and delicious chicken broth that freezes beautifully. Get the recipe!
  • The Fried Foodie: Deep fried chicken livers are delectable and rich. Simple preparations make it an easy dish. Add rice, bread, and even a salad for a meal even your kids will love as much as chicken tenders! Get the recipe!
  • The Comfort Eater: Chicken noodle soup is warm, nutritious, and delicious. The simple flavor satisfies almost any eater and with lots of vegetables, it’s a one dish meal! Get the recipe!
  • The Sweet Tooth: Honey baked chicken is sweetly satisfying and incredibly easy to prepare. Simply cut up your chicken, cover it in our sweet sticky honey sauce, and bake! Get the recipe!

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