We’re Making Thanksgiving Dinner Prep Easier!

Are you ready to make a Thanksgiving dinner that will serve your guests with distinction? Our Thanksgiving recipes and schedule will help you host a seamless holiday for friends and family. Let’s get started:

  • Friday (before): Order your Sunrise Farms Thanksgiving turkey online.
  • Tuesday (before): Visit our family farm to pick-up your turkey and the following items: ground breakfast sausage, pastured eggs, local honey, and a chicken stock package.
  • Wednesday (day before):
    • Morning: Put the stock bones, onions, and carrots into your crockpot. Cover with water and leave on low all day. Get the full recipe.
    • Evening: Prep your Thanksgiving morning breakfast casserole to rest in the fridge overnight. Get the full recipe. Strain the bones from the stock and place in fridge.
  • Thursday (Thanksgiving Day!):
    • Morning: Pop your breakfast casserole in the oven. Prep your Thanksgiving turkey to go in after the casserole comes out. Peel potatoes and place in a stock pot with water to rest.
    • Late Morning or Afternoon (depending on when you’re eating): Start putting together your stuffing, using the homemade chicken stock. Turn on the potatoes to boil. Prep other sides. Get recipes for all the fixins’ here.
  • Dinner Time: Slice up your turkey and enjoy!
free-range roast turkey on a table

Smart Planning Makes A Fun Thanksgiving.

Staying organized and planning ahead allows you to spend time with friends and family enjoying the holiday. Follow our game plan and ask for help. Most people want to contribute to the meal so ask family and friends to peel potatoes and cut up vegetables. Get the children in the kitchen to learn valuable skills and have fun. Your guests will have a great time and so will you!

Fill out our order form to place your Thanksgiving turkey order today. We’ll call you with any questions, but please feel free to contact a member of our team with questions or concerns. Thanksgiving dinner just got easier!