Non-GMO Swine Feed Is The All-Natural Choice.

Taking care of your animals is a farmer’s biggest responsibility. At Sunrise Farms, we think choosing Non-GMO swine feed is an easy choice to make to improve the health and quality of life of your livestock. Non-GMO feed contains no genetically modified organisms prevalent in most feeds on the market. Feed made as nature intended keeps animals healthy and farms profitable.

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What Can Happen When You Switch To Non-GMO Swine Feed?:

There are lots of reasons to switch to Non-GMO feed, but here’s a few we like to highlight:

  • Fewer Drug Treatments: Farmers who switched from conventional feed to Non-GMO feed reported a decrease in the use of antibiotics and other drug treatments to protect their animal’s health.
  • Conception Rates Increased: Sows were more likely to get pregnant and stay pregnant when they switched to Non-GMO feed.
  • Litter Size Increased: Sows’ litter size increased when they switched to Non-GMO Feed.
  • Less Feed Consumed: Some farmers reported a decrease in the amount of feed consumed even while the health of the animal improved. This decrease saved some farmers a significant amount of money.

Healthy Feed Milled Locally With Customization To Meet Your Specifications.

Sunrise Farms offers non-GMO feed to promote healthy growth in your animals. For clients needing specialty feed, we’re proud to offer custom feed blends designed to meet the needs of your farm and animal. With a minimum order of 500 lbs or 10 bags, you can choose the amount and type of grain you think best for your swine, poultry, cows, and sheep. Simply contact a member of our team to discuss your options.

We Deliver Up And Down The East Coast.

We offer delivery throughout Virginia and arrange delivery to feed dealers and independent farms on the East Coast of the United States. Interested in being set-up as a dealer of our Non-GMO feeds? Contact a member of our team to discuss your options.

Are You Ready For Non-GMO Swine Feed From Sunrise Farms!