Sunrise Farms Is Your Source For Shenandoah Valley Grass-Finished Beef & More.

Are you looking for local meat at affordable rates? Consider purchasing Shenandoah Valley grass-finished beef, all-natural hog, and non-GMO lamb from our local family farm. There’s almost no better way to control your food choices than to order animals from the farm where they’re raised. We sell all our animals whole or processed into diverse cuts at affordable prices. Our cattle freely roam our quality pastures year round supplemented with hay in the winter. After weaning, we feed our calves a light non-GMO grain ration to add great marbling but finish them on grass only to diversify their flavor. Our hogs and lamb are allowed to roam our farm enjoying high-quality Non-GMO feed milled onsite by our dedicated team. Here’s why we think you should consider purchasing all-natural meat from Sunrise Farms:

  • Fill Up Your Chest Freezer: When you purchase a whole animal from our family farm, we process it into different cuts for steaks, burgers, roasts, stew, ground and more. You’ll be grateful for your chest freezer on cold winter days, which will help menu planning feel like less of a chore.
  • Mark A Special Occasion: When you order a whole animal from Sunrise Farms, you don’t have to order the meat butchered into specific cuts. We sell whole animals perfect for roasting in the ground or on a spit to mark a special occasion. Celebrate a milestone birthday or a community event with a pig roast or a whole roasted lamb.
  • Save Money & Eat Better: Purchasing a whole animal is the least expensive way to enjoy high-quality meat. It is less expensive for farmers to sell a whole processed animal than to break it down and sell specific cuts in a store or supermarket. And if you are a restaurant owner or chef, you might order primal cuts or a whole carcass allowing you a more economical solution with cuts to your specifications.

High-Quality Meat From A Local Family Farm.

When you purchase any meat from Sunrise Farms, you can count on meat from animals raised with care and in an ethical manner. Here’s why meat from our family farm is better:

  • No Hormones: We raise our animals without using any growth hormones that promote rapid, unnatural growth.
  • No Preventative Antibiotics: We give our animals plenty of space to spread out, so preventative antibiotics aren’t necessary.
  • Non-GMO Feed: We mill our own Non-GMO feed using top-notch grains from local Virginia farms.
  • Pastured and Free-Range: We maintain lush and diverse pastures for our animals to roam at will and supplement their diet of Non-GMO feed.

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