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Place Your Quarter Of A Cow Order Today:

We’ve Got A Fantastic Deal On 1/4 Cows!

We’re selling USDA inspected quarters of beef for $4.19/lb. Normally $4.29/lb., you save by purchasing a beef quarter with our pre-selected cuts. In addition, you may pick it up from our store immediately as we usually have quarters in stock. The approximate hanging weight is 170 lbs. per quarter. Here’s what you get:

  • chuck
  • sirloin tip
  • rump
  • arm
  • t-bone
  • rib
  • sirloin
  • round
  • cubed
  • flank

Ground/Stew Meat/Organs

  • stew beef
  • ground
  • short ribs
  • kabobs
  • soup bones
  • heart or tongue or ox tail
  • liver