What Is Non-GMO Chicken And Why Do GMOs Exist?

We raise our poultry on a feed that hasn’t been genetically modified. Non-GMO chicken a healthy alternative to industrial chicken you can pick-up from the grocery store. Genetically modified products became commercially available in 1994 and were introduced to combat the pathogens and herbicides plaguing cash crops. Since then, GMO use has expanded into the creation of seeds resistant to some of the strongest pesticides on the market. The use of GMOs is a divisive subject and one that continues to evolve as more data is published.

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The Benefits of Our Fresh Non-GMO Chicken.

We choose to raise all our animals on Non-GMO feed and offer fresh, never frozen chicken from late spring through early fall. Here’s why:

  • Better Taste: Freezing meat causes it to lose moisture resulting in a drier product. That might be fine for a casserole but when grilling, fresh is always better.
  • More Ethical: Quick weight gain is an emphasis in many industrial farming practices. In those operations, farmers feed animals more food than they need for a quick turnover of birds. This excess weight can cause chicken’s legs to bruise or break. It can also cause heart attacks and strokes. We regulate our chickens’ diet and give them plenty of opportunities to run outside and forage for grubs that help diversify their diet.
  • Less Fat: Birds raised on regulated diets have less fat than those beefed up for quick processing.
  • Lower Rates Of Bad Cholesterol: Researchers have found small pieces of ribonucleic acid in the blood and organs of people who eat genetically modified rice. This binds to receptors in the liver and can cause cholesterol to increase. This microRNA has also been proven to play a role in increased rates of cancer, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

Know Your Farmer, Know What You’re Eating.

The best way to protect your health through the foods you eat is by getting to know the people who produce your meats, fruits, and vegetables. Visit area farms and farmers markets to ask questions to get the information you need to make informed decisions for your family. Contact a member of our team and learn about the Sunrise Farms difference today.

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