all-natural ham sliced

Order A Delicious All-Natural Ham (4.99/lb) with No Nitrites, No Nitrates, and No MSG Today!

Visit our storefront to pick up your all-natural ham and pork products! Our clean curing process has no nitrites, no nitrates, and no MSG. We offer:

COUNTRY HAM — cured with salt, sugar and pepper, then wrapped and hung whole in a cool, dry place from 4 to 12 months. 4.99/lb

PRE-COOKED HAM — salt/sugar/pepper cured, and deboned. Just heat and eat!

BREAKFAST HAM SLICES — uncooked, sliced, salt/sugar/pepper cured. Perfect for frying!

PRE-COOKED HAM SLICES — 1/2 lb. packs, sliced, salt/sugar/pepper cured. Great for sandwich meat.

BACON — salt and pepper cured, hearty slices and so good!

Taste the Quality of Clean Hams from Sunrise Farms. 

At Sunrise Farms, we raise our hogs on all-natural non-GMO feeds from with no added hormones and no antibiotics. Our on-site mill allows us to control for feed with no unwanted additives. With access to the outdoors and freedom to move about, Sunrise hogs are healthy, happy hogs!

For Celebrations, Stock Up On Country Hams – They Keep!

Our Stuarts Draft storefront carries all-natural pork products year round. A cooked country ham should be refrigerated and wrapped to prevent drying. Pre-cooked hams can be refrigerated for up to 2 months or frozen. An uncooked, unsliced ham can usually be stored in a cool dry place for up to a year.