We Provide Non-GMO Custom Feed Formulated On Demand To Suit Your Needs.

Our on-site mill and cultivated grain supply lines gives us the capability to formulate custom feed blends to suit your animals. For custom blends, we require orders of a 1,000 lb. min. for both bulk (loose) and bagged feeds.

non gmo feed

Sunrise Farms Is Your Expert Producer Of High Quality Non-GMO Feed For Livestock And Poultry.

We produce high quality non-GMO feed from clean, whole grains at a mill on our non-GMO family farm. Our feed has a great smell, looks good enough to feed to our own animals, and the grain is from reputable non-GMO growers. Our feed supports optimal all-natural animal health and growth, and can be formulated soy free. Our feed contains no byproducts, no added hormones, no antibiotics, and no medications. Our on-site mill produces and regularly stocks non-GMO feed as well as on-demand custom blends, including but not limited to:
Common Custom Mixes (20 bag minimum):

  • Soy-Free Turkey Starter
  • Pig Starter
  • Sow
  • Soy-Free Sow

Purchase Sunrise Farms Non-GMO Custom Feed In Four Easy Ways.

Custom orders require a minimum order of 1,000lbs. or 20 bags. All quantities of our custom feed can be purchased directly from Sunrise Farms at our storefront, conveniently located just 3.5 miles off I-64 at exit 91. Call ahead for us to process your non-GMO custom feed order before you arrive for pick up. We can also arrange for regional feed delivery and feed shipping throughout the contiguous United States. In addition, we supply feed dealers throughout the east coast. Feed is sold in 50lb./22.68kg bags and by the ton.

Our Regularly Stocked Feeds:

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