Sunrise Farms Has Fresh Turkeys For Sale Fed On Non-GMO Feed.

Our turkeys have been running around all season, eating grubs and non-GMO feed to fatten up for your Thanksgiving table. These delicious birds are more nutritious than your average supermarket bird because of the diversity of their diet. Our turkeys’ foraged meals increase the bird’s Omega 3’s which is something we can all get behind. Contact us to order your fresh turkey in time for the holiday. Never frozen and always fresh makes for a more moist and tasty bird. Learn more about Sunrise Farms and why fresh, free range turkey matters below!

free-range roast turkey on a table

Why Should I Care If My Turkey Is Free Roaming And Fresh?

The food options of the 21st century have diversified the average American’s diet significantly. Now we can purchase bananas every day of the week and chicken isn’t a delicacy but rather a commodity. Just because technology and globalization gives us the option to eat large quantities of meat and out of season vegetables doesn’t mean we should. Check out this list of why fresh, free-roaming turkey is the best option for your Thanksgiving table:

  • Foraging. Because pastured turkeys spend a significant amount of time outside, foraging for food, their diet is more diverse and richer in vitamins and minerals. Those nutrients are better for our health and provide a well rounded diet.
  • Ethical. Turkeys aren’t meant to be confined to tight houses or cages. They thrive outside, running and foraging for food. Respecting your food shows you respect yourself. Choose the meat that you eat from local farmers who care for their animals and treat them well.
  • Taste. Free-roaming or pastured turkeys taste better for both of the reasons listed above! They have a more diverse diet that translates to a deeper flavor that is more nutritionally complex. Because they’ve been cared for with respect, they’ve been provided top quality food.

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