Go All Natural With A Christmas Ham From Sunrise Farms.

This year we recommend a traditional ham to celebrate Christmas in Virginia. Ham preserved the old-fashioned way with salt, pepper, and sugar tastes better and is a healthier alternative to supermarket hams cured with synthetic nitrates. The use of nitrates and nitrites in preserving meats started in 1925 to minimize the growth of bacteria. It is relatively inexpensive and gives ham that pink color you see behind deli counters and on supermarket shelves. Most supermarket brands use synthetic nitrates to preserve their meat. We provide nitrate-free options and those cured with the naturally occuring nitrates in celery powder.

all-natural ham sliced

Why We Believe Our Nitrate-Free Ham Is Better.

Scientific studies show a strong correlation between the consumption of processed meats that are cured with nitrates and nitrites and poor health in humans. We offer our customers nitrate-free options and those cured with celery powder as a natural alternative to synthetic nitrates. Here are the top 2 reasons we think a nitrate-free ham is the way to go:

  • Healthier: Eating meats preserved with nitrates and nitrites is believed to be a contributing factor in heart disease and cancer. Studies are ongoing, but the correlation is strong.
  • Better Taste: We believe ham cured with only salt, sugar, and pepper tastes better than its supermarket equivalent. It’s less salty, once soaked, and retains the juicy flavor that pork is known for.

Understanding The Differences In Preparation.

Cooking pork that is cured with only salt, pepper, and sugar requires slightly different preparation methods. The salt used to preserve the meat can make nitrate-free ham taste salty. To avoid that saltiness, we recommend you soak your bacon or country ham overnight or for a few hours prior to cooking. Change the water several times to rinse the salt before cooking.

Choose From Our Wide Range Of Pork Products.

We raise our hogs ethically and sustainably on our small family farm in Stuarts Draft, Virginia. All our animals are fed Non-GMO feed and we preserve most of our meats with only salt, sugar, and pepper without adding any MSG. For customers who prefer their pork to have a rich pink color, we now offer options cured with celery powder for a natural alternative to synthetic nitrates.  Visit our storefront to get started and contact a member of our team to learn more about ordering ham for Christmas.

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