Our Non-GMO Chicken Feed Is Designed For Different Types of Chickens.

Warmer weather means new chickens for many area farmers. We offer Non-GMO chicken feed for chicks just starting out, layer hens, and broilers. Each feed composition varies to suit the nutritional needs of the specific birds. Here’s a breakdown of the differences:

  • Chicks: Our chick feed is ground finely for easier consumption by smaller birds. Higher levels of protein fuels strong growth.
  • Hens: Layer hens need higher levels of calcium to make stronger shells which is why our layer feed provides ample amounts of calcium.
  • Broilers: Our broiler feed is also high in protein to help propel strong development for a larger and better tasting bird.
sunrise farms chick starter feed

Our Feed Contains No Added Hormones Or Antibiotics.

All of the feed at Sunrise Farms has no added hormones or antibiotics. That’s part of our commitment to keeping our animals, clients, and family healthy. While growth hormones are banned in poultry production, many commercial farmers use antibiotics in industrial poultry feed production. There have been studies that indicate heavy uses of antibiotics in poultry feed could affect bacterial resistance in humans.

Why We Believe Non-GMO Is A Better Option.

Studies are conflicting on the effects of GMOs on animal and human health. The one thing we do know is that long term studies have yet to be published analyzing the negative and positive effects. Genetically modified foods became commercially available in 1994 meaning there have only been 25 years of data to study. We choose to keep our production small so we can raise our animals and make our feed the old fashioned way that has been proven safe and healthy for our animals and clients. Don’t forget, we also offer soy-free feed! Visit our storefront and family farm to learn more about our process and products or contact a member of our team to get started.

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