Superior Cattle & Goat Feed Promotes Lactation.

You are what you eat, and that’s true for livestock as much as it is for people. High-quality cattle and goat feed can play a critical role in promoting healthy lactation when used as a supplement to top-notch pastures. Whether you’re raising cows or goats, quality feed starts with great smelling Non-GMO grains with no added hormones, antibiotics, or medications. Those grains and additional ingredients like corn, soybeans, and alfalfa provide the proteins, vitamins, and minerals that fuel your animals’ complex systems for all-natural, increased milk production. Here’s what you should look for when purchasing cattle and goat feed for lactating animals:

  • Protein Is Powerful: While lactating cows get some protein from grass and hay at pasture, it’s crucial to choose a feed high in protein to supplement their diet. Protein helps cattle and goats grow healthy and strong. Signs of a low-protein diet include weight loss, decreased performance in reproduction, and less milk for birthing or dairy animals. Soy is the most prevalent protein used and what we integrate into our livestock feed for 16% crude protein. An alternative to soy protein is peas. Check out our soy-free feeds.
  • Fat Is Nutrition: Integrating fat into your animals’ diet can improve fertility and milk yields. Ensuring the correct type and amount of fat can be tricky, especially because goats and cows are ruminants, which means they have four compartments to their stomachs. We integrate soy into our feed to add nutritional fat without compromising their gastrointestinal systems. Our cattle and goat feed is 5% crude fat. Again, the soy-free option will contain peas and plant-based oils with 3% crude fat.
  • Fiber Is Key: While foraging grass and hay should encompass most of your animal’s diet, a quality feed should incorporate fiber into its composition as well. To protect rumen health (the largest stomach compartment of a cow), the type, quality, and size of the chosen fiber are critical. For your animal to absorb the fiber, the effective fiber length should be around a ½”. Crude fiber makes up 8% of our feed.
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