Purchase A Whole All-Natural Lamb from Sunrise Farms.

Interested in purchasing a whole animalSunrise Farms has whole animal specials that offer savings and a great way to stock your deep freezer. Browse our whole animal specials below or start an order.

lamb chops sizzled in garlic

Sunrise Farms is pleased to offer naturally-raised lamb from Weaver Sheep Farm in Waynesboro, VA. Weavers raises mildly-flavored, Dorper hair sheep that are pastured and naturally raised without added hormones, preservatives or genetically altered feed. This high quality sheep is known for its rich flavor without the strong mutton taste commonly associated with wool sheep. Enjoy high-quality, healthy meat all year long when you purchase it from Sunrise Farms.The average dressed weight is approximately 55 lbs. The amount of table ready meat is approximately 75% of the dressed weight, depending on the amount of boneless cuts.

USDA Certified Vs. Custom Processing

Sunrise Farms partners with local meat processors to provide our whole lamb customers with USDA Certified and Custom (Non-USDA Certified) processing options. What’s the difference? Our Custom Processor doesn’t get inspected by the USDA. They’re our neighbors and a local provider we’ve trusted for the better part of the last century because their facilities are clean, well-kept and they follow the industry standards and best practices for animal processing. We send them the exact same lamb as our USDA Certified processors. What does that mean for you? Electing to use our Non-USDA Certified processor gives you a less expensive way to purchase locally-processed whole lamb!

  • USDA Processing
  • Pricing

    Whole Lamb: $7.99/lb.

    (carcass weight avg. 55 pounds with table ready meat 75% of carcass).

  • Typical Cuts & Additional Fees*

    Loose: $0.70/lb
    Little Links (tray pack included): $1.30/lb
    Stuffed/Grillers: $1.15/lb
    Patties: $1.45/lb
    Ground Pork: $0.30/lb
    Note: Min 50# sausage from 1st flavor before 2nd flavor allowed Surcharge (Chorizo, Andouille, Sweet Italian, Garlic Brat, German Brat: $0.20/lb
    Tray Packing Stuffed/Grillers and Pattie: $0.15/lb

    *Prices include processing and vacuum packing. Delivery not included.

  • Custom Processing
  • Pricing

    Whole Lamb: $6.49/lb

    (carcass weight avg. 55 pounds with table ready meat 75% of carcass).

  • Typical Cuts**

    Rib Racks (or cut into chops), Loin Roast (or cut into chops), Shoulders, Legs of Lamb, Shanks, Sliced Neck

    **Other cuts available upon request


  • The amount of table-ready meat after the lamb is cut, wrapped, and frozen is approximately 75% of dressed weight and as little as 60% if a number of boneless cuts are ordered.
  • The actual amount of table-ready meat varies according to the type of cuts that you choose.
  • The number of a particular cut will vary according to the types of cuts you choose.

How do I order?

  • Call 540-337-3773 or use the online order form to place your order and check availability.
  • Decide which cuts you prefer, and we will send that information to the slaughter house.
  • Pick up your packaged meat at the slaughter house when it is ready. We will call you to arrange pickup.

Don’t Need A Whole Lamb? Buy The Cuts You Want In Our Storefront!

We keep a stock of all-natural lamb cuts in our Stuarts Draft storefront, open Monday – Saturday from 8am – 6pm.