We Deliver Competitive Pricing For Non-GMO Feed.

Sunrise Farms Non-GMO feed is sold in 50lb./22.68kg bags and by the ton. Prices here are per bag.

Non-GMO Feed (50lb. Bag)

*Note: Contact us to check availability
Layer $14.25
Scratch Feed$11.25
Chick Starter$15.75
Turkey Starter $16.25
Swine $13.25
Cattle & Goat$14.75

Non-GMO Soy-Free Feed (50lb. Bag)

*Note: Contact us to check availability
Soy-Free Layer $16.00
Soy-Free Broiler$17.75
Soy-Free Chick Starter $19.25
Soy-Free Swine$15.25
Soy-Free Cattle & Goat$16.50
*Soy-Free Sheep$16.25

Non-GMO Whole Grains (50lb. Bag)

*Note: Contact us to check availability
Cracked Corn$10.50
Whole Corn$9.75
Whole Oats$13.50
*Whole Roasted Soybeans$16.00
*Whole Peas$16.00
*Whole Wheat$10.75
*Whole Barley$10.00

Bulk Non-GMO Feeds (1 ton)

*Note: Contact us to check availability
Cattle & Goat$520.00
Soy-Free Layer$580.00
Soy-Free Broiler$655.00
Soy-Free Swine$550.00
Soy-Free Cattle & Goat$580.00

Minerals & Supplements (50lb.Bag)

*Note: Contact us to check availability
Alfalfa Pellets$17.00
High Calcium Lime$6.00
Free Choice Cattle Mineral$34.00
Diatomaceous Earth (powder)$28.00
Diatomaceous Earth (granular)$20.00 (40 lb bag)
Natures Kelp$56.00
Oyster Shells$13.00
Redmond Salt$17.00

We publish basic pricing, but reserve the right to adjust the costs for distribution services, customizations, and market value.

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