What You Need To Know About Antibiotics In Meat.

The presence of antibiotics in meat has become a hot-button topic for scientists, environmentalists and the agricultural industry. Many farmers advocate for antibiotics to protect their animals and livelihood from the devastating diseases that can kill their animals and investment. On the flip side, there is growing concern that the use of antibiotics in livestock creates antibiotic-resistant bacteria that can affect the health and safety of people. For decades, advocates on both sides have made valid arguments for their cause. We’ve done our research and have broken it down into this easily digestible guide to understanding how it started and where we’re at right now.

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How It All Started.

In 1950, scientists introduced the use of antibiotics in agriculture. The American agricultural community was thrilled to protect their livestock from diseases that had plagued their industry for years. This excitement and relief overshadowed reports from Japanese scientists that showed bacteria regularly exposed to antibiotics would evolve to a point where those same antibiotics no longer worked. In the late 1960s, scientists warned that if the agricultural industry continued to ignore this bacterial “resistance,” Americans could find themselves in a situation where our current antibiotics were no longer effective at treating disease.

Two Sides To The Story.

As with everything, there are two sides to every story. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) reported in 2018 that less than 0.5% of meat samples contained antibiotics. Federal guidelines dictate the use of antibiotics and the length of time after using antibiotics that an animal’s meat or milk can come to market. While USDA inspections happen yearly, veterinarians can prescribe and administer antibiotics as a preventive measure – even if the animals show no signs of sickness. Recent studies show that this rampant use of antibiotics affects the health of livestock and people, fueling antibiotic resistance in both.

Sunrise Farms Uses No Preventive Antibiotics.

At Sunrise Farms, we very rarely use antibiotics since we implement preventative measures that greatly reduce the likelihood of illness. Rest assured, our grass-finished beef does not receive antibiotics ever in the last 6-12 months before slaughter. We raise our animals in a way that is consistent with our values and modern scientific studies. Fresh, all-natural meat is our commitment to our community and customer. Contact our team to learn more about the use of antibiotics in meat. That’s just one of the differences working with Sunrise Farms.

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