All-Natural Grass-fed Ground Beef – Now On Sale ($4.99/lb) At Sunrise Farms Storefront in Stuart’s Draft!

Come get yours while it lasts! Sunrise Farms ground beef is:

  • Pesticide Free. Our cows graze on pesticide-free pastures.
  • All-Natural. Our cows eat only what is natural for them. There is no forced feeding at Sunrise Farms.
  • Full of Flavor. Our cow’s diet of quality pasturage leads to marbled beef with great flavor.

How do I order?

  • Call 540-337-3773 or use the online order form to place your order and check availability.
  • Stop by our storefront today!
grilled burgers with grass finished beef

Don’t Need Ground Beef? Buy The Cuts You Want In Our Storefront!

We keep a stock of All-Natural Beef cuts in our Stuarts Draft storefront, open Monday – Saturday from 8am – 6pm.