Our Guide To A Thanksgiving Meal You’ll Never Forget.

Hosting a Thanksgiving meal for friends and family is a selfless act that doesn’t have to be stressful. After the past two years, I think we’re all ready to have some fun, show some grace and connect over the family dinner table. Here are our three tips for creating an event you’ll remember fondly.

1. Plan Ahead: The best tip we can offer to anyone hosting a get-together is to start early and create an organized plan of action. This means defining the guest list, planning the menu, purchasing the supplies and starting to decorate early in the month so that you don’t feel rushed or overwhelmed the week of Thanksgiving. When you spread out your to-do list, you’ll get more done and encounter any obstacles early so that you have time to deal with them appropriately. Make some dishes ahead of time like rolls, baked mashed potatoes and macaroni and cheese that you can freeze until the day before. Check out this detailed schedule we published last year for some tips, and don’t forget to review our delicious Thanksgiving Meal With All The Fixins.

2. Ask For Help: There is absolutely no reason why you have to do everything yourself. Encourage everyone to bring a dish – we don’t know anybody that doesn’t like a potluck – or invite guests into the kitchen to help peel veggies, stir the gravy, or prepare drinks. Guests want to help! It makes them feel good, and it helps you get the opportunity to visit with them and enjoy the holiday. And remember, you don’t have to make everything from scratch. If it allows you to pull off the dinner without being overwhelmed, use Pepperidge Farm stuffing, pre-chopped veggies and boxed chicken stock.

3. Enjoy Yourself and Be Thankful: So many hosts take too much on themselves and miss the most wonderful part of Thanksgiving – connecting with friends and family over the dinner table. So plan appropriately, take breaks and get the children to do the dishes so you can enjoy your Thanksgiving meal. Above all, practice gratitude for God’s blessings of friends, food, and family.

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