Serve A Slice Of Normalcy Alongside Free-Range Turkey This Thanksgiving Dinner.

We savor a traditional Thanksgiving dinner at Sunrise Farms. There’s something to be said about tradition. From the meal to the company, Thanksgiving is all about celebrating family, heritage, and God’s goodness with a time-honored menu that rarely changes. From the fresh turkey to the stuffing, cranberry sauce, and mashed potatoes, we think a big dose of tradition and gratitude can help us all during this unusual year.

turkey starter feed

Why Is Pastured Turkey Better?

There are so many reasons to purchase free-range poultry, and at the affordable prices we’re offering, you can justify the cost when you analyze the benefits.

  • Nutritious: Michael Pollan has a great quote, “You are what what you eat.” Once you’ve taken a moment to wrap your head around that statement, you’ll find that it makes sense. When an animal eats a diverse and healthy diet, it grows into a healthy animal. When that animal goes to slaughter, its overall health is intrinsic to the quality of its meat, taste and nutrition levels. Free-range or pastured turkeys spend a lot of time outside, foraging for grubs and grasses that supplement their feed. Recent studies show that pastured poultry contains higher levels of Omega 3 fatty acids, Vitamin B, and many essential minerals. High-quality feed also plays a part. Our Non-GMO poultry feed provides healthy, natural growth to our turkeys.
  • Ethical: Allowing animals to grow as nature intended means the whole process, from birth to slaughter, takes longer. That timeline can affect our bottom-line, but in the end, it’s more nutritious and natural. We believe that we all benefit when following the rhythms of nature wherever possible. We take great pride in providing clean poultry houses, ample fresh air, and quality Non-GMO feed to our birds.

It’s Not Too Late To Pick-Up Fresh Eggs, Chicken, Honey & Beef For Your Celebration.

We’re sold out of turkey, but we have plenty of all-natural chicken, fresh eggs, sausage, honey and beef to supplement your holiday celebrations. Plan breakfast casserole, pot roast or meatloaf to serve your family before and after Thanksgiving. We think you’ll love it, and this will truly be a Thanksgiving dinner to remember. Contact us with any questions.

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