Sunrise Farms’ Delicious Berkshire Pork Is The Result Of Time Honored Farming Practices.

At Sunrise Farms, we raise our Berkshire pork Cross swine the old fashioned way. With plenty of land to roam and giant, long lasting mud holes in which to play, our hogs are happy and healthy. The Berkshire Cross breed is known for its rich, moist flavor and is used in the country’s high end restaurants. We respect our animals and follow ethical practices to ensure the pork products sold in our storefront live up to the Berkshire reputation for quality and flavor.

Berkshire pork piglets nuzzling each other

Natural Farrowing Processes Keep Mama And Her Piglets Happy And Healthy.

It is natural for a sow and her piglets to come and go at will. Modern, industrial farming practices have eliminated this natural relationship and keep piglets and their mothers tightly confined to pens. Our systems allow for a more natural relationship that allows for more movement and freedom.

Non-GMO Feed Milled Onsite Is A Staple At Sunrise Farms.

We are committed to providing our animals and customers with non-GMO feed for swine, chickens, cattle, sheep, lamb, and goat. We work with grain farmers we know and trust who ensure their products are minimally treated, smelling fresh and clean. Our onsite mill gives us the power to keep quality high and minimize byproducts often present in large-scale commercial milling practices. We offer our non-GMO feed to customers throughout the continental U.S. Contact a member of our team to learn more!

The Family At Sunrise Farms Are Stewards Of The Land.

At Sunrise Farms, we are committed to maintaining our land and caring for our animals in the most ethically mindful way possible. Our family works together to ensure these values stay consistent so our clients can always depend on high quality product from a local, family farm.

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