What’s With All The Hype About Local Free-Range Chicken?

If you’ve read a magazine or newspaper lately, you’ve probably heard people exulting the values of local free-range chicken without mentioning any of the science to back up their claims. At Sunrise Farms we highlight the reasons free-range and pastured chicken is the better choice and are proud to say we have the data to back it up.

free range chickens running around

The Nutritional Superiority Of Pastured Chicken.

Free-range/pastured chicken eat a more diverse diet than those tightly confined to chicken houses. Since “you are what you eat” it’s completely natural to draw the conclusion that the more diverse your chicken’s diet, the healthier. Here are some points to back-up that conclusion:

  • The Good Fat: Studies have shown pastured animals have 3-5 times greater amounts of conjugated linoleic acid; a good fat that acts as a defense against cancer.
  • More Vitamins: Pastured chickens who forage in addition to consuming feed have been proven to have higher levels of vitamin E and Omega 3 fatty acids.
  • Less Fat: Recent studies have indicated pastured poultry is lower in fat than those raised in commercial houses.

Look Past White Meat For Nutritional Diversity.

The modern supermarket has both streamlined our lives and narrowed the diversity of our diet. The prevalence of chicken breasts in recipes and grocery case space is an indication of these changes. Chicken breasts are a great source of protein, but don’t forget that chicken thighs provide a richness that can’t be copied and chicken feet, backs, and wings make fantastic stocks and broths full of vitamins and minerals. At Sunrise Farms, we carry all parts and pieces of the chicken to help you build nutritionally diverse menus. Visit our storefront to get all the pieces you need to make healthy meals for the whole family.

Are You Ready To Pick-Up Local Free-Range Chicken From Sunrise Farms?