From Farm to Freezer: 3 Ways Buying Meat In Bulk Helps The Environment

This month, we’re sharing why buying meat in bulk from a local farm helps the environment and reduces your carbon footprint.

Whole All-Natural Hog

The hogs at Sunrise Farms, a Berkshire cross, are fed natural feeds without added growth hormones or antibiotics. They are not confined, have access to the outdoors, are well-bedded, and free to move about our farm.

Whole All-Natural Lamb

Sunrise Farms is pleased to offer naturally-raised Dorper hair sheep, known for their mild-flavored meat without the stronger mutton taste commonly associated with wool sheep.

Whole All-Natural Beef

In addition to selling our beef in our store, we take orders for whole beef. We attempt to sell an entire beef. If you are purchasing a half or quarter of beef, you should find others to take the other half or quarter, or we may ask you to wait until we have sufficient orders to process the rest of the beef.