all-natural pork

From Our Non-GMO Farm Comes Delicious All-Natural Pork.

Enjoy a wide selection of tasty pork products from our Berkshire Cross swine. After nursing with their mothers, our pigs are raised on natural diets that are nutritionally supplemented with non-GMO swine feed produced right here at Sunrise Farms. Neither underfed nor overfed, our pigs eat to grow at a natural, normal rate. We take pride in the incredible-tasting pork products that come from our healthy swine. Among other non-GMO products, our all-natural pork products include:

Meat Cuts

  • Pork Chops
  • Pork Loin Chops
  • Pork Steak
  • Spare Ribs
  • Country Style Ribs
  • Tenderloin
  • Pork Fish


  • Boston Butt Roast
  • Ham Roast

Sugar-Cured Ham

  • Cooked Boneless Ham
  • Cooked Ham Slices
  • Whole Country Ham
  • Uncooked Ham Center Slices
  • Uncooked Ham End Slices
  • Uncooked Ham Hocks
  • Uncured Smoked Boneless Ham


  • Cured Sliced Bacon
  • Cured Sliced Bacon Ends
  • Uncured Smoked Sliced Bacon
  • Uncured Smoked Bacon Ends


  • Patties
  • Links
  • Stuffed Sausage


  • Ground Pork
  • Whole Uncured Ham
  • Pork Belly
  • Jowls
  • Liver
  • Fat Back/Leaf Fat
  • Soup/Knuckle/Ham Bones
all-naturl pork

Ethical Farming Practices Make For Happy Hogs.

Our swine are not confined. With free access to the outdoors, our pigs have made some long-lasting giant mud holes that they enjoy playing in. In warm weather, the mud cools them and then cakes to protect them from insects. Our hogs enjoy foraging on wooded land, a natural habitat for their optimal growth. We use a natural farrowing process to support healthy sows and piglets. Pens for birthing are designed for sows and piglets to come and go at will for birthing and nursing. The ethical farm practices we employ are one way we live our values of service and stewardship.

Rest Assured Our All-Natural Pork Products Are Non-GMO.

With our feed mill on-site, we carefully manage each step of the process to produce non-GMO feed that we then provide as a nutritional supplement to our swine. With pig starter feed, swine feed, and custom feed blends for each stage of development, Sunrise Farms’ hogs are fed non-GMO diets to produce non-GMO all-natural pork products. Our preserving process for hams, bacon, and sausage contains no added synthetic nitrates or nitrites and no MSG.

We Welcome You To Visit Our Storefront To Stock Up On All-Natural Pork.

Our storefront is conveniently located just 3.5 miles from I-64 off exit 91. We also offer regional meat delivery and wholesale. Enjoy our family recipes for a delicious all-natural pork meal. Sign up for the Sunrise Farms email list for notification of specials and seasonal discounts.

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