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all natural lamb

At Sunrise Farms, our Katahdin sheep graze on open pastures with non-GMO sheep feed from our own mill for healthy and consistent growth. Our storefront features all-natural lamb products for purchase. Among other non-GMO products, our All-Natural Lamb products include:

Ground Lamb
Lamb Loin Rack Roast
Leg of Lamb
Leg of Lamb Steak
Lamb Chops
Shoulder Roast
Shoulder Chops
Sausage (Sweet/Hot Italian, Sage)
Denver Ribs
Neck Slices
Lamb Shanks

Katahdin Sheep Offer Mild Flavored Meat Without A Strong Mutton Taste.

Sheep breeds carry distinct qualities and tastes. Chosen for their muscling, heartiness, forage utilization, excellent meat qualities, and good mothering instinct, Katahdin sheep have a mild flavor without a strong mutton taste. Enjoy our all-natural lamb in the many cuts and lamb sausage sold in our storefront. All lamb sausage is made with all-natural ingredients and contains no MSG and no added nitrates or nitrites.

Ethical Care Produces Healthy And Hearty Lambs.

We take pride in our farm-raised gourmet lamb. The flock roams between shelter and open pasture. In addition to Sunrise Farms non-GMO sheep feed, our Katahdin sheep feed on hay grown and baled on the farm. Pastures are rotated to naturally control parasites while efficiently utilizing the natural grass growth. To support all-natural sheep growth, our feed contains no added antibiotics, no hormones, and no medications.

Visit Our Storefront For All-Natural Lamb Year-Round.

We offer USDA inspected frozen cuts of lamb year-round in the Sunrise Farms storefront. Ready for a new favorite? Try out our family recipes for a delicious meal you can be proud of making. Sign up for the Sunrise Farms email list to learn about specials and seasonal discounts. We also offer regional meat delivery for regular supply of all-natural non-GMO meat.

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