Choosing Chicken Feed Is Easy When You Know What To Look For.

The chicken feed that you choose plays a significant role in promoting healthy growth for your flock and improving the nutritional content of their eggs. The first thing to understand is that not all chicken feeds are the same. Most feeds are intended for a specific type of chicken: chicks, hens laying eggs, and broilers. Those three designations require different compositions of feed. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Chick Starter Feed: Baby chicks need a more finely ground feed that is easier to process and digest. These feeds are typically higher in protein to promote better growth.
  • Layer Feed: Extra calcium is key to ensuring egg shells are strong enough to protect the egg in the henhouse and in your carton.
  • Broiler Feed: Full-grown chickens require well-balanced diets that include protein, fat and fiber. They’ll supplement their diet with the grubs they forage on open pasture.

Our 4 Tops Tips For Raising Healthy Chickens.

Here are some tips for choosing the best feed and lifestyle for your birds.

  • Shop For Non-GMO Feed: This is our thing, right? We really believe that there aren’t enough long-term studies of the effects of genetically modified foods on animal and human health and the environment. That being the case, we think it’s smarter to stick with high-quality, all-natural chicken feed.
  • Get Your Birds To Pasture: Maintaining a high-quality pasture for chickens to graze is one of the best ways to boost their health and the nutritional composition of their eggs and meat. Up to 25% of a chicken’s diet can come from grazing if you have the proper set-up for your birds.
  • Keep Them Clean & Dry: We believe in giving our animals a quality life. We keep their bedding dry, clean the henhouse and allow them to get all the fresh air they need to be happy, healthy birds.
  • Give Them Space: We don’t believe in crowding our birds into unsanitary living conditions. Give your flock plenty of space to spread out and let them roam outside to get exercise and fresh air. Your birds will be happier, the chicken house will be easier to clean and the meat and eggs will be more nutritious.

Now that you know how to get started, contact our team or place an order for chicken feed online!

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