Choose Meat, Eggs, And Honey With Integrity From Our Non-GMO Family Farm.

At Sunrise Farms, our way of life depends on the integrity of our values. From our pastured animals and non-GMO feed to how we operate our farm and interact with our customers, we take the stewardship of our land, animals, and farm seriously. Our products reflect our family’s commitment to quality and care. For all-natural meat, all-natural eggs, honey, and non-GMO feed, Sunrise Farms offers in-store purchase, delivery, and shipping. Our products include:

All-Natural Beef

All-Natural Pork

All-Natural Lamb

We Define Our All-Natural Products By Their Taste And What They Do Not Contain.

When you enjoy Sunrise Farms products, you can taste the quality. We strive to live our value of providing excellent service to the community with every product we sell at reasonable prices. All our products contain:

  • No added hormones
  • No antibiotics
  • No genetic modification
  • No MSG
  • No nitrates or nitrites

Quality Assurance Comes From Formulating And Producing Non-GMO Feed.

As farmers ourselves, we know the value of healthy animals. Our non-GMO feed formulations use only all-natural grains, organic Fertrell minerals, and contain no added hormones and no medications. At our on-site mill, we also produce custom feed mixes upon request, and can make any feed soy-free. We take pride in contributing to the health of your agricultural operation.

From Grower To You: Sunrise Farms Invites You To Have A Closer Relationship To Your Food.

Our goal is to inspire your confidence in the quality of our products through a transparent operation. We invite you to visit our family farm and storefront where you can purchase our products on-site. We work with Shenandoah Valley merchants and farmers to provide you with guaranteed quality that also stimulates the local economy.

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