We Supply Non-GMO Verified Feeds To The Contiguous U.S.

From our family farm in Augusta County, Virginia, we deliver regionally and ship our non-GMO feed to the contiguous United States.

Great selection of natural and local products. I love the simplicity of this little store. If you’re visiting from out of town and want a small town experience- this is the place to go! Not too far from the cheese shop, so you can easily plan to go to both on one outing.

We moved to this area five years ago. We feel blessed to have Sunrise Farms in our life. I’ m confident the food I purchase from you is the best, and this gives us the assurance we need of eating healthy. Thank you…. also the honor system of placing money in box would be unheard of where we moved from! God bless you all, and “keep on-keeping on.”

The store is immaculate and their products displayed well and are easily accessible. I so appreciate this family run farm and even enjoy the dog that has often greeted me there. Highly recommend this store to everyone.