Sunrise Farms Is Your Local Expert Producer Of High Quality Non-GMO Feed For Livestock And Poultry.

Our non-GMO family farm houses a mill where we produce high quality non-GMO feed from clean, healthy grains. Since we started Sunrise Farms in 2003, we have cultivated relationships with our local grain suppliers to build a quality-assured pipeline that we trust. We select only clean, whole grain that has a great smell, looks good enough to feed to our own animals, and is from reputable growers. Our proprietary feed blends are crafted to support optimal all-natural animal health and growth. Our feed contains no added hormones, no antibiotics, and no medications. From clean, whole grains, our on-site mill produces high-quality feed and custom blends, including:

soy-free cattle feed bag

Non-GMO Swine Feed

Non-GMO Goat Feed

Sunrise Farms’ Feed Promotes Healthy Animals With Improved Nutrients And Minerals.

We blend whole grains with Fertrell organic mineral compounds to support animal health and natural growth. We formulate each type of feed to the specific needs of those animals and their stage of life. We prepare starter feed to support the nutritional needs required for a healthy foundation. Our feed for layer hens supports egg health. Because we operate our own mill, we offer custom blends for your specific animals. A measure of success comes from our customers telling us time and again that their animals like to eat our feed. We strive to produce feed with freshness and textures that attract animals to the taste and nutrients.

Pick Up Our Feed, Receive Delivery, Or Arrange Shipment.

Call ahead to order your feed in all quantities and we will prepare it for you to pick up at our storefront. We offer regional feed delivery and feed shipping to the contiguous United States. In addition, we supply feed dealers throughout the east coast. Feed is sold in 50lb./22.68kg bags and by the ton.

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