Our Animal Feed Guide For Raising Healthy Animals.

Keeping up with changes in the animal feed market can be challenging. You might be wondering if you should choose organic, soy-free, Non-GMO or just avoid feed altogether and focus on high-quality pasture. Depending on your goals, you may focus on any one of these options. Here’s how we handle it on our farm with some guidance for making the right decision for your animals:

  • Non-GMO Verified Feed: Choosing feed that the Non-GMO Project has verified is a great way to ensure you’re giving your animals high-quality, all-natural feed. The Non-GMO Project verifies food products by running them through rigorous testing to ensure they do not include bioengineered ingredients. Many GMO products are designed to withstand heavy pesticide use, which has been anecdotally shown to affect animal health and have a negative impact on the environment.
  • Soy-Based or Soy-Free Feed: Soy is a relatively inexpensive protein included in many animal feed products. While current studies show it is an economical and safe option for all animals, some farmers find in certain cases that their livestock don’t do as well on a soy-based diet. We mill both types for customers looking for a budget-friendly, soy-based, non-GMO feed and a high-quality soy-free alternative.
  • Quality Grains: We source our grains from farms dedicated to growing high-quality grasses, corn, alfalfa, etc. We then mill the feed to the right consistency for the specific animal. We find this makes a significant difference in the health and happiness of our animals.
  • Antibiotics & Hormones: Many manufacturers add antibiotics and hormones to animal feed to promote quicker growth and minimize morbidity. Respiratory disease is the number one cause of death for livestock and is often caused by stressful living conditions due to congested spaces and poor nutrition. While antibiotics and hormones can help in those stressful conditions, plenty of space and good nutrition can go a long way in growing healthy animals so that they shouldn’t need preventative antibiotics. That’s why we leave both antibiotics and hormones out of all our feed.

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We invite you to visit our farm and see our animals enjoying our all-natural, soy-based Non-GMO animal feed. Pick up a bag for your animals and stop by our storefront for some pastured chicken, grass-finished beef and Dorper lamb and Berkshire hog cross. Not in the area? Visit one of our dealers located throughout the southeast to get your bag. We are confident your livestock will do well on our Non-GMO animal feed.

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