Process Your Own Meat! Live Animal Sales At Affordable Rates.

Sunrise Farms offers live animal sales for those arranging to process their meat on their own. On our family farm in Stuarts Draft, VA, we raise our animals ethically and with care so that you can depend on high-quality all-natural meat without preventative antibiotics or added hormones. Whether you’re planning to sell the meat to customers, host a major holiday or share with friends and family, we’re your source for all-natural, pastured meat. We offer live animals sales for:

Sunrise Farms Non GMO Products


Our pastured beef graze on lush grasses supplemented by a light grain ration before finishing on grass only to provide rich marbling and earthy flavors for amazing-tasting meat.

Sunrise Farms Non GMO Products


We provide high-quality, Non-GMO feed to supplement the all-natural diet of our pigs, whether they are enjoying their summer wooded area or rooting in their deep-bedding of wood chips for the winter.



Our non-GMO white Dorper sheep taste supremely rich without that mutton-like taste prevalent in many lamb products.

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We invite you to call us with any questions or to place your order and schedule pickup at our family farm. We’re conveniently located just off Interstate 64, close to the 81 cut-off, in Stuarts Draft, VA.

You Can Taste The Sunrise Difference.

We work hard to raise our animals well, to provide a great environment for our employees, and to give back to our community. We develop Non-GMO feed blends for cows, poultry, sheep, and hogs on our family farm. We treat our animals with care, providing plenty of time outside in fresh air and the opportunity to pasture to their heart’s content. Our feed is Non-GMO verified, and we’ve integrated many energy-efficient and sustainable solutions into our process. Ready to learn more about live animal sales at Sunrise Farms? Contact our team today.

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