The Rich Culinary History Of The Country Ham.

Country ham has been a Virginia tradition since settlers arrived in Jamestown in 1607. Virginia is located in what is referred to as the “Ham Belt”; the ideal latitude for preserving meat. Any hotter and the meat would rot; any colder and the meat would freeze. As refrigeration came into prominence, shelf-stable country hams became less popular. Lately, however, there has been a resurgence of enthusiasm for the salty delicacy. The popularity of local and regional food and a general trend to embrace old fashioned principles of food preparation is calling attention to country ham.

all-natural ham sliced

Incorporate Country Ham Into Your Easter Menu.

We love country hams at Sunrise Farms and have three primary ways we like to serve it to our families and guests.

  • Fried Country Ham: Pan fry ¼” thick slices for just a minute on each side and serve with redeye gravy – a combination of water and coffee cooked down with the pan sauces. Serve directly from the skillet to small gatherings.
  • Sliced Country Ham Bake: Ham slices sprinkled with brown sugar and baked to perfection take ham biscuits to the next level! Serve warm or at room temperature at a buffet.
  • Baked Country Ham: Soak in water overnight and bake in water for a delightfully moist meat. Serve to large parties.

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Pick-Up Your Country Ham From Our Farm’s Storefront.

We stock country ham, sausage, eggs, and many more meats and honey at our storefront in Stuarts Draft, Virginia. None of our meats contain MSG, nitrates, or nitrites, and our animals are fed non-GMO diets without added hormones or antibiotics. We believe in ethical farming practices so you can depend on healthy and nutritious meats when you purchase them from our farm. Visit us or contact us to learn more!

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