All-Natural Ham Helps Make Your Holiday Special.

Celebrate Christmas with all-natural ham from our family farm. Check out our recipes for inspiration for your family meal:

  • We’ll teach you just how to cook an all-natural ham for your family!
  • We’ll give you tips on preparing a perfect glaze for your ham!
  • Want to learn some cooking methods for different types of ham? Check out our guide!

We’ve Got A Fantastic Deal On 1/4 Cows!

We’re selling quarters of beef for $3.39/lb. (marked down from $3.59/lb.). Approximate hanging weight is 170 lbs. per quarter and each quarter is USDA inspected. Quarters will be available December 8th. Here’s what you get:

  • Roasts: chuck, sirloin tip, rump, arm
  • Steaks: t-bone, rib, sirloin, round, cubed, flank
  • Ground/Stew Meat/Organs: stew beef, ground, short ribs, kabobs, soup bones, heart or tongue or oxtail, liver
Ham glazes
cattle feed