Whole Beef


Sunrise Farms beef is grass-finished and naturally raised with no added hormones, preservatives or genetically altered feed.

PRICES (for dressed weight)

WholeBeef: $3.39/lb.

Half Beef: $3.49/lb.

QuarterBeef: $3.59/lb.

(NOTE: There is an additional charge of
$.40/lb. for ground beef patties.)


Roasts (2-3 lbs.)
12-14 Chuck
4 Sirloin Tip
2 Rump
2 Eye of Round

Steaks (3/4 inch)
20-24 Filet Mignon 14-28 Delmonico 20-24 New York Strip 16 T-bone
14-16 Porterhouse 24-28 Rib
12-14 Sirloin 12-14 Top Round 10-12 Cubed

Stew Meat/Organs
100-120 lbs.— Stew Beef or Ground 6-8 pkgs. Soup Bones
1 Heart
1 Tongue
1 Ox Tail
4 pkgs. Liver
*other cuts available upon request

non-gmo feed

In addition to selling our beef in our store, we take orders for whole beef. We attempt to sell an entire beef. If you are purchasing a half or quarter of beef, you should find others to take the other half or quarter, or we may ask you to wait until we have sufficient orders to process the rest of the beef.

The average dressed weight of an entire beef is 550-600 lbs. (weight after the animal has been bled, skinned, and eviscerated).


  • The amount of table-ready meat after the beef is cut, wrapped, and frozen is approximately 75%(425-450 lbs.) of dressed weight and as little as 60% if a number of boneless cuts are ordered.
  • The actual amount of table-ready meat varies according to the type of cuts that you choose.
  • The number of a particular cut will vary according to the types of cuts you choose. For example, you will get less ground beef if you order more roasts.

How do I order?

  • Call 540-337-3773 or use the online order form to place your order and check availability.
  • Decide which cuts you prefer, and we will send that information to the slaughter house.
  • Pick up your packaged meat at the slaughter house when it is ready. We will call you to arrange pickup.