Order Your Free-Range Thanksgiving Turkey Today!

Now is the time to reserve your free-range turkey for Thanksgiving. Choose fresh or frozen and schedule pick-up when it works best for you:

  • Fresh, Never Frozen: $4.29/lb. *Sold Out*
  • Frozen: $3.99/lb.
free-range roast turkey on a table

Thanksgiving Free-Range Turkey

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Make This A Thanksgiving Dinner To Remember.

We savor a traditional Thanksgiving dinner at Sunrise Farms. There’s something to be said about tradition.
Berkshire pork piglets nuzzling each other

Feed-Lots Versus Local Meat Farms: What’s The Difference?

The local food movement is popular, and local meat farms like ours embrace the enthusiasm people show over knowing where their food comes from.
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How To Choose Cattle & Goat Feed.

You are what you eat, and that’s true for livestock as much as it is for people. High-quality cattle and goat feed can play a critical role in promoting healthy lactation when used as a supplement to top-notch pastures.
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Shopping Local? Start At Your Feed Store.

Shopping local is a great way to give back to the people and places in your community.
Cows Eating All Natural Animal Feed

Where The Science Stands On Antibiotics In Meat.

The presence of antibiotics in meat has become a hot-button topic for scientists, environmentalists and the agricultural industry.
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Why Fresh Chicken Is Better.

Most people think they’ve eaten fresh chicken, but they haven’t. Chicken can be labeled as fresh if it has never been stored below 26 degrees Fahrenheit.
non-gmo mill and solar panels

Harnessing Solar Power For Our Non-GMO Mill.

Non-GMO farming isn’t just a job; it’s a way of life. At Sunrise Farms, we believe that hard work and clean living enrich our lives and make them more meaningful.
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Chicken Feed 101

Our chicken feed guide is your resource for getting started!