Whole All-Natural Lamb

Grass-Finished | Non-GMO | No Added Hormones or Preservatives | Locally Raised 

Dorper Sheep Produce Mild-Flavored Meat.

Sunrise Farms is pleased to offer naturally-raised lamb from Weaver Sheep Farm in Waynesboro, VA. Weavers raises Dorper hair sheep, which offer a mild-flavored meat without the stronger mutton taste commonly associated with wool sheep.

All lambs have been grass-finished and naturally raised with no added hormones, preservatives or genetically altered feed. Weaver lamb products are USDA inspected.

Whole Lamb Details

  • The carcass (dressed) weight is around 55 pounds.
  • The amount of table-ready meat after the lamb is cut, wrapped, and frozen is approximately 45-60% of dressed weight depending on amount of boneless cuts.
  • The actual amount of table-ready meat varies according to the types of cuts that you choose.
  • The number of a particular cut will vary according to the types of cuts you choose. For example, you will get less ground if you order more roasts or steaks.

Order a Whole All-Natural Lamb Today!

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Enjoy A Typical Selection of Lamb Cuts.

Roasts (2‐3 lbs.)

  • 2 Rib Racks
  • 2 Loin Racks
  • 2 Shoulders
  • 2 Legs of Lamb
  • 4 Shanks
  • 3 pkgs. Neck Slices
  • 2 Denver Ribs
  • 2‐3 lbs. Ground

Sausage comes in 25 pounds, minimum.

  • Only available if entire carcass is cut into ground.
  • Please note there is an addional charge of $.40/lb for ground sausage.

Don’t Need A Whole Lamb? Buy The Cuts You Want In Our Storefront!

We keep a stock of all-natural lamb cuts in our Stuarts Draft storefront, open Monday – Saturday from 8am – 6pm.